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McCormick many times would distribute new decanters exclusively to their club members, the poster above reflects one such offer!

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Value: $$$ Distributor: McCormick  
Year: 1977 Series if any: Great American  
Decanter Name: WILL ROGERS  
The Will Rogers decanter is just one of numerous decanters manufactured by McCormick Distilling in the Great American series. This series depicted America's greatest hero's, statesmen, cowboys, comedians, humorists, and social commentators. Collectors have become very partial to these decanters because of McCormick's artistic quality and design.


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Collecting decanters is not only an enjoyable hobby, for many, it has become a way of life. Our father spent his retirement years traveling and searching auction houses, antique stores, estate sales and retailers building his collection. Many a day were spent listening to his travel adventures and viewing his collection.

With our new online guide, collectors now have the ability to check pricing directly from any web powered mobile device while attending auctions or perusing antique shops for decanters!



Our mission is to provide liquor decanter collectors the most up-to-date source of information on the value of ceramic liquor decanters. Our price guide, first published in 1998 is a primary source for auction houses, antique dealers and collectors world wide.


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